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Recuerdos de Tánger


Recuerdos de Tánger
10th of March 2023

Recuerdos de Tánger

16th of January 2023


Raíz (Live at Rumah Recordings, 2023)
23rd of January 2023

Raíz (Live at Rumah Recordings, 2023)

Ay Amor!
1st of April 2022

Ay Amor!

Upcoming Concerts
  • 1 Apr 2023
    Showcase: Booster Festival
    Enschede, NL
  • 6 May 2023
    Aralunaires Lab
    Arlon, BE
About Us

Through the medium of music we transcend the barriers between the old and new. Our goal with is to reconnect listeners to their roots, wherever they may lie buried. Being children of first and second generation immigrants, our project explores origins and identities. We emphasize the importance of tradition, even in modern times where it seems obsolete. 

This idea of reappropriation is the pillar of our vision. Our objective is to encourage listeners to come on the journey of reunification with cultural knowledge and lost stories.

Triana y Luca is a Benelux based duo that merges melancholic melodies with storytelling and traditional music. Their compositions built upon myths, fables, and stories from different Iberoamerican cultures. Inspired by sounds of Sefardi, al-Andaluz, and Indigenous cultures, Triana y Luca always play to tell a story. 

The duo is made up of Triana Segovia (Mexican/Canada/Spanish) who is a multidimensional visual artist, poet, and vocalist, and Luca Vaillancourt (Luxembourg/Spain); guitarist, composer and student at the Jazz Conservatory in Maastricht and lover of bossa nova and contemporary jazz. 

In 2022 Triana y Luca were part of a season artist residency at Intro in Situ in which they produced their debut EP which they will release in during 2023. This year the duo were selected as prize winning finalists for SCREAMING FIELDS SHOWCASE (Rockhal, LU) and DÍAS LATINOS COMPETITION (Amersfoort, NL). They have played at notable at festivals such as JAZZ OUT FEST (ECI Culturfabriek, Roermond, NL – sold out), Cultura Nova Festival (Heerlen, NL), ESCH2022 M22 (Luxembourg), FESTIVAL DE BIENESTAR UNAM (Mexico), and PAS FESTIVAL (NL), and renowned pop venues such as Poppodium Volt (Sittard, NL) and the Rockhal (LU).


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